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CNC Laser Cutting



 Our 12 kW fiber Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ has superior cut quality for producing precision parts up to 1” mild steel, 1” stainless, 3/4” aluminum. This machine is equipped with a CL that enables us to automatically load and unload 6,000 lbs of material for uninterrupted cutting to ensure efficient production time. It is equipped with an additional shuttle table that enables us to load single jobs in addition to production cutting. This machine uses fiber technology to deliver parts at top cutting speeds.


Bulk nonferrous cutting capability!

We possess the capability to accommodate large quantity stainless steel and aluminum cutting due to the addition of our bulk Nitrogen tank.


Our 4400 watt BySprint Pro 3015 has superior cut quality for producing precision parts up to 1” mild steel, ¾” stainless, ½” aluminum. This machine is equipped with an automatic changing table to ensure efficient production time.



12 kW Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ


4400 watt BySprint Pro 3015




“As the AGCO Operations continue to expand in Beloit, we have been able to rely on Finn-Kool to help fill our gaps in production. Their ability to expedite, provide high quality work, and excellent service, allows us to increase production on short notice, with minimal effect on our bottom line.”

Lee McMillan, AGCO


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